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Proffitt Commissioned by the English FA for the Official Wembley Programme

Commemorative England Scotland Wembley

England v Scotland original artwork by Paine Proffitt
Commissioned by the Football Association for the Official Wembley Programme.  England v Scotland original artwork by Paine Proffitt

The scene was set for an epic battle on the famous Wembley turf on a day which Unites the Nation in remembrance.

Armistice Day 2016: 90000 fans descended on Wembley Stadium for this meeting of soccer’s oldest rivals. This was more than just bragging rights it was England’s and Scotland’s first competitive match this millennium and a vital group “F” World Cup qualifying match.

But there was more to this game than just a football match! FIFA’s laws dictates that team shirts should not be adorned with “political, religious or personal” iconography. FIFA decreed that the “poppy” the symbol of remembrance to all who lost their life in conflict whether the “victors or the vanquished” fell foul of this ruling.

Despite the threat of punishment, ranging from a fine to a points deduction the Scottish F.A. and the English F.A. had informed FIFA that they would defy the ruling.

With the full backing of both sets of supporters, both teams entered the Wembley arena proudly wearing a black armband embossed with a red poppy a symbol of peace to all men.

England beat Scotland 3-0 on the night and remain unbeaten with 10 points from 4 games.

The American artist Paine Proffitt an adopted 'Son of the Potteries' has captured the significance and passion of the occasion in this moody atmospheric and industrial clash of the Titans.


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