Proffitt now in National Baseball Museum's Hall of Fame Permanent Collection

Bseball Hall of Fame

The national USA Baseball Hall of Fame is one of the most prestigious collections of baseball art around the globe. It includes original art by some of the biggest names in the world of art including Andy Warhol and we are delighted that Paine has been recognised in this way by the curators of such an important collection.

The artwork selected is one of the recent collaboration between Paine Proffitt and well known USA based baseball artist Gypsy Oak, called "New York Giants", it features pitching legend Christy Matthewson and the old New York Giants. 

Proffitt say "I'm very proud that this piece (a collaboration with artist Gypsy Oak) has been collection! Even if it stays in storage for decades I'm very proud that it's in The Hall. Many thanks to Gypsy Oak for his help with the artwork!"


Gypsy Oak work can be followed on twitter at

To view currently available baseball original by Paine Proffitt and Gypsy Oak please visit the Baseball collection of the website:

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